So CAP Hair Extensions

slideshow-modella-rossaImagine having thick, long, healthy-looking hair that until now has been almost unattainable. The So.Cap woman, is urban, determined, chic and free spirited; wears what she likes, when she likes, mixing with style and personality the length, the volume and the emotions that the So.Cap. Extensions can provoke. It will transform hair into a full-bodied, long, richly textured, and stunning look that was formerly available only to entertainers and fashion models.

So.Cap uses only 100% human hair and prepares it in a way that preserves the natural direction of growth.
With the REMY system So.Cap hair is prepared maintaining the natural direction of the cuticle to avoid tangling.
Hair prepared with the cuticle aligned in the correct downward direction: does not tangle, and is easy to comb.

With our exclusive products and special training, Krimp Hair Salon will be able to apply hair extensions that will give you a makeover and create a new buzz!

Here are some reasons why we at Krimp Hair Salon believe SO.CAP.USA Hair Extensions are the best in hair extensions:

  • The most natural hair extension system available today
  • Only 100% human hair is used, so the look will be full-bodied, healthy, and richly textured
  • Hair extensions are easy to apply (with proper training)
  • The extensions are also easy to remove with no damage to the client’s hair
  • Each extension comes with advanced Keratin-protein bonding technology
  • Largest selection of colors from which to choose
  • Superior training and equipment available
  • Best supply of human hair
  • Continuous, updated product support

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